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The Inner Manager


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Dr. Ron Dalrymple
 --- West Coast Review of Books ---
Almost twenty years ago, deeper secrets than The Secret, and far more, were whispered all over the world...by Dr. Dalrymple's best-selling book, The Inner Manager.
Many benefited hugely, while a dawning awareness has been growing the world over. Many people who wrote us learned...
Just one of these many, wonderful stories...
On a gorgeous summer in 1989, two young women, identical twins, bought this magical book that changed the life of one of them - the one who read it !
The women were identical in most ways, having nearly equal intelligence, equal beauty, equal height, weight, even equal ambition and drive.
Each wanted marriage, children and enormous success in business. After college, they went their separate ways. One to California, one to Florida.
Recently, they were reunited at a family reunion.
They still looked much alike, although one had gained a few more pounds. Each had two children, and husbands who loved them. And each had created her own business.
But there was a profound difference - one was making millions with her business, and the other had only moderate success.
Have you ever pondered what makes this difference, as I have? How one twin can be an explosive success, and the other a second stringer?  It isn't always native intelligence or talent or even dedication. It isn't that one wants success and the other doesn't.
The difference resides in what each person has learned, their knowledge and comprehension, and how they make use of that knowledge. It is in one's attitudes, and how the person focuses their center of mind.
Center of mind is what you dwell upon, what you feel in your soul, what you breathe every second of every day. It is what you are committed to making happen.
And that is why I am telling you and people like you about The Inner Manager. For that is the whole purpose of this little book with big ideas, to help you discover the infinite potential inside you, and to acquire the knowledge and skills to use it. To learn the attitudes and behaviors that ignite success like nothing else.
Knowledge and skills for you to use in business and in your personal relationships.
"Profound...the guidebook of a lifetime."
                    -- The Book Reader --
You see, The Inner Manager is a unique book. It is based on many years of research and work with people like you, in all walks of life, helping you discover and cultivate gifts and abilities you may have never imagined. 
Created by a motivational psychologist who spent decades poring over the greatest inspirational and motivational texts written the world over, and who spent those same decades applying these powerful principles toward helping thousands of people.
A research psychologist and practitioner who kept digging deeper, tirelessly searching for the true secrets of the mind and spirit, the motivating forces that almost guarantee success - if you live by these principles.
Each chapter is a part of a journey inward, revealing little-known secrets of the mind. Not just the array of mental powers we have, often little-used, but the global implications of mental networking, intuition, and imagination.
     The Inner Manager gives you all the buttons and levers you need, and shows you how to use them. For...
...Wisdom is Power
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Only $ 19.95 for this powerful ebook,
The Inner Manager.
It is not just knowledge that opens the doors of the kingdom to you, for anyone can acquire mere facts and figures, and not have a clue how to use them.
Knowledge, judgement, insight and a few other marvels truly unveil wisdom, the ability to use knowledge and insight to create accurate perceptions, to make great decisions and build unlimited success. 
Page after page, this book is filled with fascinating and significant information that is useful to you. You will learn how to improve your memory and how to use it to build other mental functions. You will discover how to use your powers of concentration, and how it contributes to the act of creation. And you cannot imagine how powerful are...your powers of imagination.
The combination of information and ideas in this book is difficult to find in such a simple sequence of development and unfoldment, that makes it easy to comprehend and apply to your life and daily affairs. 
Only $19.95!
If you can find this information elsewhere for less, buy it.
Without hesitation.
If you would prefer to send a check or money order, send $19.95 to:
     Dr. Ron Dalrymple
     POB 3993
     Ft. Myers, FL 33918
Be sure to give us an email address, where we can send the ebook.
And here's our special guarantee...should this book not measure up to your expectations, you may cancel this order within 30 days for a full refund. If you can tell us honestly this book has not benefitted you, we will ask no more.
If you feel as we do that this is a fair and reasonable proposition, then you will want to find out without delay if The Inner Manager will speak to you as it has to so many others.  
About the twins I mentioned at the beginning of this letter: The one who read this book told me it changed her life, it gave her a spark, an incentive, an extra layer of indescribable power and energy that kept her going during the hard times, kept her full of light and faith no matter what, to help her step-by-step to create her vast success.
    An Investment in Success
I cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours if you read The Inner Manager. But most people do find the journey interesting, insightful and useful.
If you can find a better way to spend such a small amount of money in recreating your life, do it. And let us know where you found it !
Our pursuit of excellence is endless, so we can bring you the absolute best knowledge, insight and wisdom to make your life an act of greatness. 
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Ron Dalrymple.
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Be sure to include your email address, where we can send your ebook.
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You might be a creative genius, just waiting to discover yourself. Order the book now, and begin your journey within.


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