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I Love You God


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A Message from Dr. Ron Dalrymple
Of all the mental and spiritual healing arts I've learned, the powerful ideas in I Love You, God are the gentlest, easiest to learn and apply, and the most rejuvenating for your mental and spiritual health. These secrets can lower your fears and anxieties, raise your self-esteem, broaden your view of the universe, expand your sense of identity and unleash your inner creative powers...all without stress and strain!
Dear Friend,
Throughout the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece and India, holy men and women would meet in secret to practice certain techniques of meditation and thought that were banned by their repressive societies.
Techniques which, legend has it, engender incredible powers of strength, wealth, wisdom and love.
And this legend is true. Those who practice these techniques faithfully today have a different kind of life, a different spark, a different sense of energy and power that most cannot fathom.
They are calm and focused, their minds do not wander, their hearts beat with faith and resolve, they stand strong against the pressures and challenges of life, and they do not break. 
Recently, I prescribed I Love You, God to a number of patients with different psychological disorders. I like to give away copies of my books to patients. One patient consumed with anger found a new calm, a new peace within that has allowed her to resolve some problematic relationships, get a new job and move on with her life. She saved her marriage, got a new job with more income and less stress, and now feels an incredible sense of empowerment. Her motivation in trying something new was learning that anger plays a role in heart attacks...
Another patient, suffering from depression, found a new meaning to life, a new motivation to turn her self-esteem and identity around, giving her new goals and a new fire within. She learned how to stop thinking negatively, to see the good in all things, to understand that she has control over her life far more than she ever before imagined.
A third patient, suffering from massive guilt, was able to release it all and let go of his dark past, clearing the way for a whole new life and a new wealth of successes. He had to learn how to forgive those who harmed him in the past, and to forgive himself.
What is most astounding is that learning these techniques and concepts is simple, gentle and easy. Anyone can do it, anywhere, no matter where in life you might be.
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I Love You, God.
Thoughts are like enzymes, activating your immune system, your hormones, your red blood cells, your T-cells and beta cells, macrophages and micronutrients. Much recent research has shown the incredible effect positive thinking, positive feeling and positive actions have on your health and longevity. It is like throwing secret switches within, turning on a system of healing, power and light that you never knew existed!
And there is far more to it than that, tapping the deepest levels of your being, levels you may have never imagined.
What is most amazing is that it is quick, to the point and begins to work instantly in your life.
For my patients and readers who don't have a lot of time to spend learning a lot of complicated techniques or exercises, I Love You, God is perfect.
Awaken your energy and zest for life: Certain concentration techniques and patterns of thinking unlock vast well-springs of energy and power within, giving you a new drive and confidence to achieve many things. Dwelling upon these profound ideas helps you tap these inner reservoirs.
Sharpen your concentration: Using your mind in practiced, positive ways every day hones your concentration and will, enhancing your discipline and direction of energy. It builds your memory and makes your daily activities easier to perform.
Reduce stress and feel relaxed at all times: Learning how to uncreate negative thoughts, feelings and conditions in your life gives you a much greater sense of control over everything you do, helping to prevent many stressful conditions before they arise.
Build success with every breath you take: Your breathing helps to empower you, to vitalize every molecule of your being with potentially better health and vigor. Breathing and concentration combine to make your mental functions sharper and more self-creative. More about breathing and concentration is given in the companion guides to this illuminating book, The Inner Manager and Quantum Field Psychology.
Create relationships that deepen and fulfill your life: As you transform yourself into a more dynamic and successful person, part of that process includes how to treat yourself. You also learn to treat other people with respect and tact, seeing in them the same vast dimensions and capabilites you have inside of you. This helps relationships flourish, building bridges with others that can last a lifetime.
Anyone can master these techniques, it just takes practice, focus and a little time each day.
These patterns of thought and feeling are so easy to learn, helping you gradually replace the negative beliefs and emotions that dominate most people's lives, unveiling incredible inner sources of energy, strength, determination, wisdom, insight and love.
Many people are shocked to learn the average person thinks 95% negative thoughts all day long. Ninety-five percent. Once we understand the powerful influence of thought and emotion on our health and success, the devastating nature of this fact becomes very real.
No doubt we all have negative glitches within that need to be changed, little hidden beliefs and feelings that sabotage us and hold us back time and again.
The techiques you will learn are ideal if you only have limited time, but want peace, harmony, balance and success in your life.
I Love You, God works for many of my patients with a wide range of problems, regardless of what they have tried before. Many have had incredible results, from resolving guilt, depression, anger, insomnia, anxiety and confusion, to the achievement of astounding new successes in business and relationships. Plus...
It's illuminating !
My patients who practice this art have a certain light about them, a magnetism and energy that defies description, a presence and power in the moment that captivates the attention of others. It tames the lower emotions and allows the higher self to manifest in your life.
Even if you think these concepts won't work, they can begin to manifest results in your life. As you practice these simple yet profound, brief daily exercises, the enzymatic power of thought begins to work within.
Bordering on the unbelievable:
How I Love You, God
helped one man overcome a
lifetime of negative thinking,
poor health and endless failed
relationships, to rise to an extraordinary
 level of financial and personal success.
He was a professional in a world of intense competition, of daily verbal and emotional combat. He fought back-stabbers, lairs, con-artists and connivers, manipulators of the worst kind, people who played mind games with relentless venom.
He worked in the court system, battling daily with crooked lawyers, vengeful prosecutors and paid-off judges. It was a nightmare of constant conflict.
His physical health was suffering, as he developed migraines, ulcers, low-back problems and insomnia. He went through a failed marriage and a long series of failed relationships.
He went to many different churches, but found them lacking true spiritual consciousness. They followed rituals and seemed to have lost their focus.
Then he discovered the ancient concepts now revealed in I Love You, God, and his life has changed forever. Using these incredible principles, he recreated his identity, started on a whole new course in life, built a whole new business that exploded with success, and established many new lasting relationships.
Most important, he said it was so easy, once he saw how.
This "Divine" art has endured
for at least 5,000 years, and perhaps
 since the dawn of humankind.
Yet few have understood it.
Only $ 19.95 for this powerful ebook.
Many who have known these principles have excelled in their chosen professions and left a mark on the world that few could equal.
Imagine being in any situation, facing stress, challenges, problems of any nature...and being able to switch mental and emotional frequencies in a heart beat.
Imagine being able to counteract or turn off stress, anger, depression, guilt and anxiety.
Even better, be able to recognize every negative thought and feeling as soon as it begins to arise, and counteract it, change it, recreate the situation as it happens.
You can be the master of your emotions, thoughts and relationships, in virtually any situation. 
Nothing attests to the power of this art and science more than the fact it has stood the toughest test of all - the test of time.
Passed down through the ages by various individuals and groups, these truths have made many people free, liberated from the illusions of the world.
The latest medical studies show the enormous power of thought and emotion on physical health and well-being. 
Psycho-neuro-immunology is an entire new field of study proving how health is profoundly influenced by thought and emotion.
How can a tiny book, filled with enormous principles, help people create such internal peace?
It is a matter of alignment, like balancing a crystal with a thousand faces on it. Suppose you pass a laser through the bottom of the crystal.
If the crystal is balanced, then all of the light emanates the way it is meant to do, lighting up a thousand different directions, or perhaps a thousand different worlds.
But if the crystal is not in balance, perhaps off-center, leaning this way or that...then the entire system is askew, throwing distorted frequencies of light this way and that, creating shadows, gray areas, distortions and illusions.
The mind is like a thousand-faced crystal, and must be finely tuned for the infinite well-springs of inner light to emanate with the vast waves of power, wisdom and love that it is capable of...
I Love You, God helps protect you from emotional falls and collapses, the deadly pitfalls of life which can lead you astray into corridor after corridor of illusion, pursuing lost goals and mistaken intentions.
It has been well-said that the path to hell is paved with good intentions. To plot our best course through life, it takes more than good intentions. It takes a sense of direction, of inner guidance, of true knowledge and insight.
By practicing daily a free consultation within, by turning to a higher source of knowledge as close as your own inner mind, you sharpen your ability to seek the right answers, to listen, learn and to make the best of every day, helping you take giant strides forward in mastering your life. And certain key thoughts, concepts and feelings make this happen...
Since you control your own pace in developing these abilities, you determine how far you go, how fast. You are in control, and can move very quickly, or at a more relaxed pace.
     There is no pressure, only progress.
     I use these techniques daily.
I started, like every one I've trained, with a few minutes each day, and built up slowly. I'm not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life. I'm stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I fall asleep every night embracing specific thoughts and feelings, and sleep deeply, waking up happier every day, full of zest and life and ready to conquer each day.
And I want you to have these same secrets. The same healing, restorative powers that can change your life. Can you imagine an entire world living by these concepts ? 
Thousands of years and untold numbers of lives transformed tells us that the ancient principles revealed in I Love You, God contain the power to change your life. I would love for every one of my readers to enjoy this ancient healing science and art.
Send for your book today. Give it a few weeks or months, then write and tell me how it has changed your life !
Dr. Ron Dalrymple
Only $ 19.95 for this incredible ebook.
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P.P.S. If for any reason this book is not for you, we offer a complete moneyback guarantee. If you can tell us honestly this book has not benefitted you, we will give you a full refund. You can even keep your copy of Quantum Field Psychology Made Simple, just for giving us a try.
You might be a creative genius, just waiting to discover yourself. Order the book now, and begin your journey within.


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