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Paradise Found



Writer/Director Dr. Ron Dalrymple had the inspiration for PARADISE FOUND many years ago, in 1969. As a 19-year-old student at the University of Maryland, he was working at NASA in a gifted student program. Penniless, working his way through school while paying for his own education, he began searching for the mysteries to life.

The overarching theme of Paradise Found-that humankind is living in a world of illusion intended to divert attention and enslave civilization in the continued pursuit of materialism, thus keeping mankind from delving into the greater mysteries that lead to the realization of the Divine I AM Presence within-is delivered with clarity, both symbolically and in the dialogue between characters.
~ Linda Sechrist, Natural Awakenings Senior Staff Writer and Founder of ItsAllaboutWe.com

One dark and bleary Friday night in November, while returning to his dorm from NASA, he was hit by an epiphany of scientific insight that he knew would shock scientists and mental health "experts" around the world. When he discussed his theories with others, he was met with scorn and ridicule.

Paradise Found

Over the years, he faced intellectual discrimination and sabotage many times about his insights, but he remained undaunted. He was determined to prove his theory to the world, for the benefit of all mankind.

He dedicated his life to researching his new theory, traveling the world looking for answers. He eventually earned a Ph.D. in psychology, then taught college for years to refine his concepts. He published books about his discoveries, including a best-seller on Amazon.com.

He began taking film courses and became an award-winning screenwriter, but found no takers as he tried to promote his screenplays to studios and production companies. He met and gave copies of his best-selling book to Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey, Jodie Foster, Gerard Depardieu, Sissy Spacek, Al Pacino and many others, but he was unsuccessful in bringing his works to the screen.

After years of frustration, he finally decided to produce his own films. He attended the International Academy of Film and Television in Palm Beach, earning a degree in film. He got busy raising the money himself for his films, selling off retirement funds and everything else he could to make it happen. He bought his own film equipment and created his production company, Dalrymple Brothers Films.

Paradise Found In his initial production, PARADISE FOUND, Dr. Ron was fortunate to work with Michael Lobsinger, through IAFT, an outstanding director of photography. He cast a tremendous group of people to act in the film, with Daniel Dasent, Destiny Thomas and James Robert Wood.

This incredible team of people helped Dr. Ron create a film that he describes as an edu-drama, a film with a dramatic structure, but which is historical and educational in scope and meaning. A film filled with allegory and symbolism, woven into a dynamic confrontation of character that explodes in a final revelation that sends the myopic father into a different world.

The film reveals secrets never told about the true powers of the mind, secrets so incredible entire kingdoms have been destroyed to keep them hidden. Secrets never told... until now.


Paradise Found Claeton Dalrymple is dying in a hospice from heart disease, cancer and alcoholism. He has spent his life defending his country, fighting in World War II, then working for the CIA. He is a man alienated from himself, from the world and from life, a man dedicated to the principles of the Cold War, take no prisoners and give no mercy. Driven by fear and desperation, he has destroyed himself and his family over the years.

He represents the delusions of ego, a mind frozen by false beliefs and underlain by fear, a mind threatened by new discoveries and new frontiers.

Unable to show love, he torments a young nurse, Athena. She patiently waits on him, while trading his banter with a sharp wit and an evil stare to match his own. Claeton insults and harasses a young resident, Dr. Niles Orpheus, whose frustration and anger at the old man builds through the film.

Claeton's son, Dr. Ron, comes to visit him, an idealistic young scientist, whose new theory of mind combines all the modern fields of psychology with quantum physics and Eastern and Western philosophies.

Paradise Found The old man is having flashbacks to the war, and to the atrocities he committed with the CIA. He attacks and insults his son, berating him for, "... a life wasted, pursuing a fantasy." Dr. Ron tries to explain his theory to his father, while the old man's fits of temper threaten to ignite his final heart attack.

Humorous scenes spark as Athena and Dr. Orpheus enter the room, with Athena trading barbs with Claeton, and Dr. Orpheus trying to maintain his composure with this unruly patient. Beautiful imagery of space and new frontiers contrast the old man's dark memories, as Dr. Ron struggles with his own emotions and frustrations at having been so universally misunderstood.

Finally, Dr. Ron reveals one of his deepest secrets to Claeton, who is overwhelmed with the realization, and the enormity of his own misspent life.

Claeton goes into cardiac arrest, bringing the doctor and nurse to his bedside. Dr. Ron looks on, helpless, stating, "At least he died hearing the truth."Paradise Found

Dr. Orpheus asks, "Truth... what truth?"

This short film is a prequel to THE QUESTION, a feature documentary that answers many of the questions evoked by PARADISE FOUND.

THE QUESTION is currently in production, with a release date scheduled for 2013.


Daniel Dasent

Daniel Dasent

A SAG-AFTRA actor, Danny has been involved in acting for the past 12 years. During this time he has completed five independent films, over 30 short films, three seasons on a TV series, two web series and several commercials in the USA and internationally.

He studied Meisner with Acting coach David Cox at the Actor's Playhouse in Austin, Texas for two years. He also completed the 'Uta Hagen' process with Acting coach Mark Durso at Actrue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Additionally, Daniel completed 'The Mastery' Acting Course and 'The Actor's Intensive' workshops with acting coaches Van Brooks and Ben Taylor, respectively.

With his passion for action films and martial arts, Daniel has received formal firearms, martial arts and boxing training. Most recently he has been pursuing Japanese sword and Gung Fu.

Daniel was recently nominated for 'Best Actor' at the 2013 Women in the Arts Awards which were held in Hollywood, Florida at the end of September 2012.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys playing tennis, squash, running and water sports.

Daniel delivers every performance with a raw intensity of energy and verve that bring his characters alive on screen, adding depth and powerful persona.

He displays a broad range of emotional power, portraying character with an intensity and realism likened to Al Pacino.

Destiny Thomas:

Destiny Thomas

Destiny has been acting and involved in film production since graduating from G-Star School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting, in West Palm Beach, Florida.

She has appeared in many short films and commercials. A natural talent, her poise and presence have been compared to Lauren Bacall, bringing a smoky sultriness to the screen that enchants and amazes audiences.

She hypnotizes everyone in her presence, combining natural beauty with gifted intelligence and insight to character.

As the nurse Athena, she characterizes emotions from loving kindness to biting sarcasm, matching her tormenter with a quick wit and courage.

James Robert Wood:

James Robert James is another amazing actor, bringing an enthusiasm and raw power to his role that gives new dimensions to the character.

Take after take after take, he projects into each shot an energy that is infectious to everyone on the set.

Playing Dr. Niles Orpheus, the young resident tending to the old man, he reaches from patience to tempered restraint, from assertiveness to professional poignancy. He is a counterpoint to the emotional turmoil of Claeton and his tortured soul.

Marcella Avila:

Marcella Avila Marcella is a talented artist, actress, make-up expert and television personality. She played the role of Samantha Gunter in the film Light, produced by Marty Wisher.

Marty Wisher:

Marty Wisher Marty Wisher has been an entertainer all her life, working in theater, television, film, and modeling. Her portfolio and resume can be viewed at www.martywisher.com. IMDB credits include One Evening directed by Lou Hernandez and Light written and directed by Marty herself. Light can be downloaded at Amazon.com.

Her next project is marketing Once Upon A Sneeze, her original fairytale produced on stage and now revised as a screenplay.

To view Marty's other creative outlet, murals and faux finishing, visit www.swanstudio.net.

Ron Dalrymple:

Ron Dalrymple

Playing his father in this film, Dr. Ron decided to create this characterization, given the complexity and dimensions of Claeton's beliefs and afflictions. A man driven by patriotism transposed into rage, hollowed out by his soulless years working for an intelligence agency where genocide became "heroism," and dark delusions the essence of "covert intelligence."

Dr. Ron accepted the role because, as a psychologist, he understood the layers of dimension and delusion that enslaved a man who lost all sight of love and honor, in his quest for "duty."

Dr. Ron has appeared in several short films, a feature, The Art of Love, and a feature documentary, The Liners.

Michael Lobsinger

As the much sought-after Director of Photography, Michael brings a vast talent and experience to the film. Having shot over three hundred short films, a number of features and many commercials in the Miami area, his expertise behind the camera is extraordinary. His ability to set-up shots and capture the truth of every scene gives the film a diversity of viewpoints that add dimension and depth to the story, and evinces the tenor and octave of character.

Actors and editors love working with him, as he creates a university of angles and shots that enrich the final cuts.



Amara Marcella Avila
Dr. Ron Dalrymple Daniel Dasent
Claeton Dalrymple Ron Dalrymple
Athena Johnson, RN Destiny Thomas
Niles Orpheus, MD James Robert Wood
Martina Marty Wisher


Executive Producer Jim York
Director Ron Dalrymple
Director of Photography Michael Lobsinger
Editor Ron Dalrymple
Locations Jon Lygren
Music Producer Lawrence Dermer
Grips Ryan Hughes
Susan Steele
Sarah Spicer
Gordon Craigo
Script Supervision Susan Steele
Justin Vanderwende
Medical Consultant Dr. Alan Tannenbaum
Paradise Found


"Cogito Ergo Creator ... I Think, Therefore I Create."

"The mind is an energy field that transcends the physical brain."

"Thought is energy."

"Thought energy precipitates into matter."

"Discover Quantum Field Psychology... born at NASA."

"E = h * f." Energy = Planck's constant times frequency of thought.

"The ego occludes higher thought frequencies."

"If it is true... you must tell the world."

"C'est la fini?"

"Mais non... c'est la debut."

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