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"I love You God"

I Love You God is a powerful collection of 366 aphorisms, parables and thought-provoking quotations, one for each day of the year, to help keep you tuned in to the greatest source of power and creativity in your life.

Every avatar in history taught the concept of attunement, aligning your mind with a much greater energy and presence, which then allows you to achieve incredible miracles on earth.

Best of all, it is only a breath away...

Take that next breath with us, and see where it leads you.

Dr. Ron.


God, may I know my Divine purpose.

     I Love You, God, is a book of aphorisms,

parables and powerful quotations to help

us keep your thoughts attuned to the inner

power, the inner light, that burns brilliantly

inside each of us.

     Today, 5/01/2012, our quote is:

     God, may I know my Divine purpose.

     Each of us has a Divine mission on

earth, a special purpose for why we are here.

     Each of us has talents and abilities inside

us, waiting to be discovered, to spring forth

into our lives and into the world.

     It is a process of discovery, adventure

and unlimited possibilities.

     Let us look within.

     Dr. Ron.




There are no strangers...

     For today, the daily quote from the book,

I Love You, God, comes from the April 13th

entry: "There are no strangers, only

siblings I AM to meet."

     Each person on earth is related to

every other person on earth, we are all

Divine siblings.

      A shocking statement, and a

realization that one day will help

change the world.

     All connected by powerful

energies we are just starting to

rediscover, think of the implications...

     Who will march off to war, to the

shrill sound of politician's trumpets

and their corporate puppeteers,

to destroy their siblings?

     Who will harm or cheat or

lie to another?

     Get back to me.

     Dr. Ron.  









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