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Mentality of Tribal Warfare

     There is no greater prison than a mind enslaved by delusions or false beliefs.

     One common delusion is that of tribal warfare, where groups of people are organized by ideology or shared common traits, lineage, or other factors, and are turned against other groups to induce conflict or war.

     What we must realize and share with others is that we are not separate tribes, but rather, one people, united by a common bond with Divine Power, Presence and Consciousness.

     One common people separated only by ideology, race, ethnicity or culture, all of which pale in comparison to the enormity of the Divine Potential we each share.

     Let us not be misled by ego, the false deceiver within composed of fear, anger, guilt, depression or other negative emotions, and their corresponding false beliefs.

     The seed-atom of Divine Consciousness is within each of us, awaiting for our attention to awaken it.

     It is time for the entire world to wake-up. 

     Dr. Ron.

Quantum Field Projections

     Last time, we discussed the concept that every human thought-emotion formation generates a corresponding pilot wave, which travels through space. The pilot wave parallels deBroglie's proposal in 1900, that a pilot wave is attached to every particle of matter, a concept quickly adopted by Einstein.

     This process is described by topological mathematics, with surjective and injective mappings from one space to another.  

     This underlies human communication and many other processes.

     For more on this, see our book on Quantum Field Psychology on this site.

     All the best,

     Dr. Ron.

The Foundation Premise of Quantum Field Psychology

The first Axiom of Quantum Field Psychology is that thought-emotion waves are generated by the mind as an interaction of biological, sensory, perceptual, memory and abstracting processes, which transcend and project beyond the human brain. Every human thought-emotion generates its corresponding pilot wave, which travels through space. 

See the Presence everywhere, all the time.

Divinity within all

One idea to contemplate this New Year's Eve is that Divinity burns

brilliantly inside each of us, smiling out of us, waiting patiently

for our recognition. Smile back. 

The Real Secret

The Greatest Secret Never Told is the topic of our new film, Paradise Found, about the discovery of a new theory of mind, Quantum Field Psychology, discovered by Dr. Ron Dalrymple at NASA in 1969.  

The underlying truth, hidden from humankind by many authority figures for millenia, is that within every one of us is a seed-atom of Divine 

Consciousness, a spark of brilliant light and power at the core of our being. A spark that can be brought into a roaring flame, giving us capabilities and powers

that are transcendant over this life.

Dickens' illuminating story about Scrooge is about this very process, where a man long enslaved by his ego, the outer ring of mind underlain with fear, anxiety, doubt and delusions, has spent his life chasing greed and avarice. He is upon the verge of self-destruction, when he is visited by three spirits, who show him the error of his ways.

He is transformed by the experience, and awakens a new man. Dickens' said the experience of writing this story profoundly moved him as well. It is a universal story, a gangantuan task we each must overcome, facing and conquering the lies and illusions of the wily ego.

Paradise Found reveals the history of the discovery that this transformative process is scientific in nature. The Question, the documentary that follows Paradise Found, is now being shot and edited. It is a more thorough development of the ideas, and will be released in 2013.  

During this holiday season, think of the messages given by all the great avatars, Christ, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, as being the same story, told in different forms to different cultures, now revealed as a scientific process.

That is the end of the Old World, and the beginning of a New Universe. 



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